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Service concession highway users well does not just depend on providing smooth surfaces and proper traffic conditions and structure, but also keeping them abreast of business-related matters such as tourism, safety, travel, the car trade, health and well-being. Thus CCR has two strategic publications for getting closer to and having a more open relationship with motorists: the magazines “Giro Das Estradas” and “Amigo Chapa do Caminhoneiro” (Chapa), which together have a print run of 450,000 copies.

Distributed at toll gates, rest areas and service sectors, the bimonthly magazines serve different readers: the first, in existence for six years, is intended for the domestic motorist, and besides articles on tourism and road safety, contains highway services and maps. “Chapa”, first published four years ago, is intended for truck drivers, providing them with health tips and sharing their fellow drivers’ experiences and stories.

Besides the printed support, the editorial content is also available on-line on the CCR Group site.

Conditions of the highways

Informing users about the best routes is also part of CCR’s policy. To do so, on-line bulletins with traffic conditions on the highways are available on the sites of the concessionaires. The system is managed by the Operational Control Center (CCO) teams, and advises on holdups, stretches where traffic is slow and points where road works are in progress. In certain cases like CCR AutoBAn, ViaOeste and Ponte, live camera footage captures traffic on critical stretches of highways.