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Taking advantage of the natural mobility of the highway concessions business, CCR has designed a series of itinerant actions to take culture, sport, leisure and educational content to young residents of the municipalities cut by the highways.

The company’s cultural incentive policy brings together programs serving all business units, such as Cine Tela Brasil. Since 2004, the program has visited 334 cities, offering over 4,000 movie sessions to 780,000 spectators. In 2010, the public was approximately 85,000.

Besides the free sessions – where the occupancy rate is 88%, the highest in Brazil – audiovisual workshops are organized, including notions of photography, sound tracks, sceneries, post-production, scripts and editing. Part of the pedagogical content of these activities can be found in the Tela Brasil Portal, which also shows the project schedule, virtual workshops and notices about competitions and school materials intended for elementary and high schools.

An additional important cultural project which will have been five years in existence in 2011 is the “Circo Roda”, which, as the name suggests, aims to value circus art through sponsorship granted to the “Parlapatões” and “Pia Fraus’ circus groups that visit the municipalities striding the highways under CCR concession to present shows. The artistes are currently performing the show DNA, the third since the project began.

Each of the company’s business units also develops specific cultural programs. CCR AutoBAn, for example, sponsors the “Guri” (Kids) project intended to provide musical training for 1,100 young people in the Campinas region, the “Basquete – Treinando para a Vida” (Basketball – Training for Life) project that attends to 300 children, and the “Tênis Sobre Rodas” (Tennis on Wheels) project that fosters inclusion in sports by attending to 80 wheelchair-bound athletes.

Using the Rouanet Law, CCR NovaDutra is also benefiting 22,000 children and adolescents of the municipal school network of Barra Mansa, located in the south of the State of Rio de Janeiro, through the “Música nas Escolas” (Music in School) project, which provides musical education for students ranging from pre-school to the end of elementary school.

Democratic access to culture is being made possible thanks to the “Festa do Teatro” (Theater Festival) organized in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, which distributes free tickets to shows on the circuit in both capitals. The three editions that ran until the end of 2010 distributed over 70,000 tickets to the public. The event is organized by the “Parlapatões” group, Chaim Produções and J. Leiva Cultura & Esporte, and is sponsored by CCR under the Rouanet Law.