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In a few years, we became one of the largest airport operators in Brazil, in addition to establishing a presence in other Latin American countries, such as Ecuador, Costa Rica and Curaçao.

With 20 airports, 17 of which in Brazil, located in 9 states, we have received awards and recognition for our excellent performance at all levels. These results show how we have dived deep into this business, understanding that flying is increasingly part of Brazilians' routine – and, therefore, ours as well.

We want to ensure the best experience at every moment of our passenger's journey: from coffee while waiting for the flight to wireless internet access, with powerful Wi-Fi to hold a last-minute meeting. Therefore, we take care of all the details and keep our focus firmly on what has always moved us: people.

We invest in technology, innovation, adequate training, and excellent partners who know and value the local culture of each city where we operate. Thus, in addition to ensuring the satisfaction of our passengers, we work to promote strategic routes, tourism, and sustainable development.



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Our Way of Doing

More technology, comfort, and efficiency to improve your journey.

Always Connected

All our airports offer high-quality, unlimited free Wi-Fi for you to enjoy while waiting for your flight.

Park Safely

With our parking partnerships, you can leave your car at the airport and travel with peace of mind.

We take care of our surroundings

Find out about our main actions to ensure sustainable development in the regions where we operate.

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Stories of Earth and Air

CCR's Women's Development Program

Mobility is to support women to achieve great opportunities. And this is the purpose of CCR's Women's Development Program, which aims to enhance women's careers and work on skills such as self-knowledge, protagonism and self-perception.

Kristiane Regina Neves Coelho, who participated in the project, is much more than a professional dedicated to CCR Airports. She is also a mother of five children, a wife and a student.


Yasmin Oliveira

I am very grateful for the opportunity I had to work for this company. I am very proud to contribute to the development of the CCR Group and the greatest proof of this is my best smile on my face, always looking for the best customer service.

Yasmin Oliveira Inspection Agent

CCR Mobilidade | VLT

Aline Peçanha – Engenheira de Obras | CCR ViaOeste

I joined CCR through the Trainee Program more than 15 years ago and I love working at CCR Group because I identify with the Company's values.

Aline PeçanhaWorks Engineer

CCR ViaOeste

Carlos Alexandre Pasqualeto

My career at CCR AutoBAn began 22 years ago as a track assistant. At that time I had dreams of personal and professional growth, and today, as Operations Coordinator, I am convinced that the people and leaders who have passed through my life have contributed to making everything come true.

Carlos Alexandre PasqualetoOperation Coordinator

CCR Rodovias | CCR AutoBAn

Renata Silva de Paiva Alexandre

As a woman leader in a mostly male area, I understand that it is an important tool for more women to live their paths within the Group, occupying different positions and wherever they want.

Renata Silva de Paiva AlexandreCivil Maintenance Manager

CCR Mobilidade | ViaQuatro

Deleon Aquino

We are a modal that supports ecological sustainability. We are a team committed to offering the best to our customers and users every day. It is very rewarding to be part of the CCR Group and VLT Carioca.

Deleon AquinoDriver

CCR Mobilidade | VLT

Fernanda Bento

Working at CCR Group is a daily challenge. I feel motivated and fulfilled with each client who arrives at their job or appointment safely, punctually and calmly.

Fernanda Bento Inspection Agent


Keli Fernanda Finco

Being part of this team brings me immense pride, as I am contributing to the development of the country's infrastructure.

Keli Fernanda Finco Executive Manager of Technology Operation


Luis Igon

A company that exceeds expectations, that values ​​its employees, developing their technical and personal skills.

Luis IgonCustomer Interaction Supervisor

CCR Metrô Bahia

Eder Cássio Vincenzi

Since joining CCR 21 years ago, I've learned that teamwork is the essence and soul of the company.

Eder Cássio VincenziCustomer Interaction Supervisor


Leonardo Pacheco Monteiro

Being part of this group allows me to connect paths on this journey, growing professionally and personally.

Leonardo Pacheco MonteiroAdministrative Support Agent