Solutions that make the difference

Innovations at CCR

We believe that innovation is, above all, creating solutions that contribute to improving people's lives.

We have already implemented more than 60 innovation projects in all business units, and we plan more than 80 new ones for the coming years.

The first Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in Brazil was carried out by CCR, through ViaQuatro, which manages Line 4 - Yellow of the São Paulo subway, with a contract signed in 2006 and operation started in 2010.

Another innovation that transformed the way drivers started to use the highways, had our support in the development of automatic means of payment technology, Tag Sem Parar, which improved fluidity on the roads, allowed better fleet management and added services.

In 2010, we innovated by applying rubber-asphalt in the recovery of the pavement on Rodovia dos Bandeirantes (SP-348), between São Paulo and Campinas, based on the reuse of half a million tires that would otherwise be discarded in nature.

Since 2018, we have been using drones to monitor roads and inspect Special Engineering Works (bridges, viaducts, and footbridges) and in the telecommunications structures present on the highways.

We were also pioneers in the development of ViaQuatro train overcrowding warning system, which allows passengers to enter the emptiest car.

In the airport sector, in 2016, we adopted an innovative solution for operational efficiency in the baggage claim process: first/last bag. And, since 2021, we have been using biometrics when boarding passengers at Confins/Belo Horizonte International Airport (BH Airport).

These are some examples of how we see innovation to improve the customer experience in the modes we manage.

CCR Innovation

Technology at CCR RioSP

The Rio-Santos highway, managed by CCR RioSP between Ubatuba and Rio de Janeiro, has the Free Flow system, which replaces the conventional toll plazas and allows a trip completely without stops or speed reduction near the collection points, which means, no barriers.

Biometrics at BH Airport

o ensure more safety, agility, and practicality, in 2021 we implemented the biometrics system for boarding at BH Airport, our first airport concession. It is the fifth airport in the country in terms of movement of people, with 11.2 million passengers per year, and an important hub for air transport.

CCR Labs

Linha Quatro

Connected to CCR's innovation process, in 2021 CCR Labs was born, focusing on experimentation, connection with research centers and universities, new technologies, use of data and digital products.

DataDriven Culture

Our mission is to foster a culture of using data for decision-making. We created the datalab with a focus on Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, using the data we have in the execution of CCR Group operations.

Digital Products

Aligned with the company's digitalization process, we created teams dedicated to building digital products, scalable applications within CCR Group and with greater adherence to our needs.

Open Innovation CCR

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CCR Open Innovation Program is an initiative that seeks solutions to challenges mapped out in accordance with our strategy and our business. We seek inspiring ideas for mobility, infrastructure, sustainability, and other topics that are part of CCR universe.

The initiative was created with the aim of strengthening our ties with the innovation ecosystem and fostering culture within CCR Group. We open our doors and offer an environment for experimenting with projects that solve real challenges in our business.

During the program, proposals are selected from companies whose pilot projects are implemented in our units. The projects have specialized monitoring, which contributes to the exchange of knowledge and lessons learned.

Construction waste management, energy efficiency, fuel economy, pavement technology, asset monitoring and supplier management are some of the challenges already launched to the market and which are being developed.