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Offering the best way

We work to provide comfort, fluidity, and road safety for those who use the highways managed by the company.

We combine innovation, technology, and best practices in highway engineering, in addition to constant training and qualification of teams, with the aim of transforming the experience of people who travel on our highways in the South, Southeast and Midwest regions of the country.



managed by CCR Group



of highways managed in 5 Brazilian states






in Brazil with highway concessions



CCR RioSP is responsible for the administration and operation of 626 kilometers of highways BR-116 (via Dutra), between the cities of São Paulo and Seropédica (km 214.7) - junction with BR-465 -, and BR-101 (Rio-Santos), between Ubatuba (SP) and the capital of Rio de Janeiro.

CCR ViaLagos 

CCR ViaLagos is responsible for managing the Rodovia dos Lagos, the main link between Rio de Janeiro and the Costa do Sol, also known as the Região dos Lagos. With its 57-kilometer length, the road represents the fundamental link for the Lakes Region.


CCR AutoBAn manages the Anhanguera-Bandeirantes System, comprising the Anhanguera Highway (SP 330), between km 11 and 158, and the Bandeirantes Highway (SP-348), between km 13 and 173, and the interconnecting roads, Dom Gabriel Paulino Bueno Couto (SP-300), between km 62 and 64, and Adalberto Panzan (SPI-102/330), between km 1 and 7.

CCR ViaOeste 

The Castello-Raposo System connects the capital and the west of São Paulo. Managed by CCR ViaOeste, it integrates the Castello Branco, Raposo Tavares, Sen. José Ermírio de Moraes (Castelinho) and Dr. Celso Charuri highways, covering 169.25 kilometers.

CCR RodoAnel 

CCR RodoAnel is responsible for managing 29.30 kilometers of the western stretch of the Mario Covas ring road, which integrates the Raposo Tavares, Castello Branco, Anhanguera, Bandeirantes and Régis Bittencourt highways. The road passes through seven municipalities.


CCR SPVias manages a 516-kilometer highway network that includes sections of the Castello Branco (SP-280), João Mellão (SP-255), Antonio Romano Schincariol (SP-127), Raposo Tavares (SP-270) and Francisco Alves Negrão (SP-258) highways.

CCR ViaSul

CCR ViaSul manages 473.4 kilometers of highways in Rio Grande do Sul. The roads under its responsibility are BR 101: 87.9 kilometers between Torres and Osório; BR 290 (Freeway): 98.1 kilometers between Osório and Porto Alegre; BR 386: 265.8 kilometers between Carazinho and Canoas and Carazinho; BR 448: 21.6 kilometers between Sapucaia do Sul and Porto Alegre.

CCR ViaCosteira

CCR ViaCosteira is responsible for the management and operation of 220.4 kilometers of highways on the south side of BR 101 in Santa Catarina. ViaCosteira is also responsible for operating the Anita Garibaldi Bridge in Laguna.


CCR MSVia manages BR-163/MS, which is 845.4 kilometers long and crosses 21 cities, including the state capital, Campo Grande. The highway connects Mato Grosso do Sul from north to south, between the cities of Mundo Novo (on the border with Paraná, to the south) and Sonora (on the border with Mato Grosso, to the north).


Renovias is one of the first companies to be part of the São Paulo State Road Concessions Program. It began operations in 1998, managing and operating highways corresponding to Lot 11, which covers the SP-215, SP-340, SP-342, SP-344 and SP-350 highways.


A ViaRio administra 13 dos 26 quilômetros do Corredor Presidente Tancredo de Almeida Neves – Transolímpica, administrando dois túneis por sentido, 38 pontes e viadutos, rodovias com duas faixas de rolamento para automóveis, motos, ônibus e caminhões e uma terceira faixa de estrada exclusiva para o sistema BRT.

New technologies, new experiences

We invest in improving this journey in every way: whether it is facilitating mobility, offering more quality, safety and efficiency; whether offering services that really make a difference in people's lives. Discover some of the projects we will implement:

100% connectivity

We will install a Wi-Fi system on Via Dutra (BR-116) + 270km of optical cable on BR-101.

Free Road

Free flow gates: automatic collection, without toll barrier, on stretches of highways managed by CCR RioSP.

Run more, pay less

Frequent User Discount (DUF), a progressive discount of up to 73% for vehicles that have TAGs and use the automated lanes.

Our commitment to the environment

Learn about our programs designed to ensure the sustainability of road works and reduce damage to the green areas surrounding our roads.

Zero Carbon Program

We are committed to neutralizing the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions generated by the activities on the road system managed by CCR RioSP.

Waste Management Program

To encourage the local circular economy, we are looking for partner institutions, aiming at the reuse and/or recycling of waste generated

Complexo viário visto de cima

Km 163 of Presidente Dutra Highway - Jacareí.

Movimento Afaste-se

CCR Rodovias - Manifesto Afaste-se

O Grupo CCR, a Arteris e o Grupo EcoRodovias lançam no dia 25 de setembro – Dia Nacional do Trânsito – um manifesto conjunto para promover o Movimento Afaste-se, que tem como missão prevenir acidentes, protegendo quem trafega pelas estradas e as equipes que trabalham nas rodovias, como colaboradores das concessionárias, das polícias rodoviárias, do SAMU e do Corpo de Bombeiros. A CCR iniciou o movimento no Brasil para conscientizar os motoristas de que, ao perceberem uma situação que envolva qualquer tipo de atendimento nas estradas, principalmente no acostamento, reduzam a velocidade do veículo e mudem de faixa sempre que for possível e seguro.

CCR e EcoRodovias - Movimento Afaste-se (2023)

Quando ocorre um atendimento mecânico, emergência médica ou um acidente, diversos profissionais entram em campo para prestar apoio aos motoristas. Com o objetivo de elevar a segurança de quem trabalha no apoio daqueles que trafegam pelas rodovias administradas pelo Grupo CCR, a companhia lançou o Movimento Afaste-se, nas concessionárias da CCR Rodovias (CCR AutoBAn, CCR ViaOeste, CCR SPVias, CCR RodoAnel, Renovias, CCR RioSP, CCR ViaCosteira, CCR ViaSul, CCR MSVia, CCR ViaLagos e ViaRio).

CCR e Arteris - Movimento Afaste-se (2023)

Quando ocorre um atendimento mecânico, emergência médica ou um acidente, diversos profissionais entram em campo para prestar apoio aos motoristas. Com o objetivo de elevar a segurança de quem trabalha no apoio daqueles que trafegam pelas rodovias administradas pelo Grupo CCR, a companhia lançou o Movimento Afaste-se, nas concessionárias da CCR Rodovias (CCR AutoBAn, CCR ViaOeste, CCR SPVias, CCR RodoAnel, Renovias, CCR RioSP, CCR ViaCosteira, CCR ViaSul, CCR MSVia, CCR ViaLagos e ViaRio).

Taking care of those who walk with us

Discover some social initiatives for drivers and passengers on our highways:

Caminhos para a Saúde (Paths to Health)

Created 20 years ago to serve truck drivers, the program was renamed and renewed to expand free health services to new audiences, such as cyclists, drivers, and urban mobility passengers. Among the services offered are nursing examinations, dental care, mental health support and road safety actions.

Operational bases and user support service

The highways managed by CCR have operational bases, distributed along the stretches granted. They have vehicles and teams prepared to perform pre-hospital care and mechanical assistance.

Road Stories

More than connecting destinations, highways transform lives. Get to know the stories of people whose journey was marked by our roads:

A new path

In 2018, Osley left Cuba behind with his family and took refuge in Brazil. Without a job and without documents, he faced difficulties at the beginning of his life in the country. However, it was on the BR-116 that Osley got an opportunity – and discovered a new talent: helping other travelers.

Vocation to care

Dr. Cacilda, who dreamed of following the profession as a child, found herself at the Nova Dutra User Assistance Service. The medical rescuer goes to great lengths to save a life – even if it means having to put her skills as a climber to the test to carry out a rescue.

Toninho King of Pamonha

Can you say that the trajectory of the King of Pamonha (Brazilian sweet made with corn) merges with that of Brazilian highways, after all, who has never made a stop or, at least, has never passed in front of a Rancho da Pamonha? And many people don't know, but it all started back in the 60s, when young Toninho had a bold business vision: selling pamonha in Nova Dutra.


Yasmin Oliveira

I am very grateful for the opportunity I had to work for this company. I am very proud to contribute to the development of the CCR Group and the greatest proof of this is my best smile on my face, always looking for the best customer service.

Yasmin Oliveira Inspection Agent

CCR Mobilidade | VLT

Aline Peçanha – Engenheira de Obras | CCR ViaOeste

I joined CCR through the Trainee Program more than 15 years ago and I love working at CCR Group because I identify with the Company's values.

Aline PeçanhaWorks Engineer

CCR ViaOeste

Carlos Alexandre Pasqualeto

My career at CCR AutoBAn began 22 years ago as a track assistant. At that time I had dreams of personal and professional growth, and today, as Operations Coordinator, I am convinced that the people and leaders who have passed through my life have contributed to making everything come true.

Carlos Alexandre PasqualetoOperation Coordinator

CCR Rodovias | CCR AutoBAn

Renata Silva de Paiva Alexandre

As a woman leader in a mostly male area, I understand that it is an important tool for more women to live their paths within the Group, occupying different positions and wherever they want.

Renata Silva de Paiva AlexandreCivil Maintenance Manager

CCR Mobilidade | ViaQuatro

Deleon Aquino

We are a modal that supports ecological sustainability. We are a team committed to offering the best to our customers and users every day. It is very rewarding to be part of the CCR Group and VLT Carioca.

Deleon AquinoDriver

CCR Mobilidade | VLT

Fernanda Bento

Working at CCR Group is a daily challenge. I feel motivated and fulfilled with each client who arrives at their job or appointment safely, punctually and calmly.

Fernanda Bento Inspection Agent


Keli Fernanda Finco

Being part of this team brings me immense pride, as I am contributing to the development of the country's infrastructure.

Keli Fernanda Finco Executive Manager of Technology Operation


Luis Igon

A company that exceeds expectations, that values ​​its employees, developing their technical and personal skills.

Luis IgonCustomer Interaction Supervisor

CCR Metrô Bahia

Eder Cássio Vincenzi

Since joining CCR 21 years ago, I've learned that teamwork is the essence and soul of the company.

Eder Cássio VincenziCustomer Interaction Supervisor


Leonardo Pacheco Monteiro

Being part of this group allows me to connect paths on this journey, growing professionally and personally.

Leonardo Pacheco MonteiroAdministrative Support Agent