Certificates, awards, and honors

Awards that tell stories

From exciting narratives and initiatives to the advanced technologies applied in our services, we have already been recognized with several awards and certifications

However, more than trophies, these honors are a validation that we are on the right path: working and investing our resources to accelerate the development of our country's infrastructure and mobility, improving the lives of millions of people.

These recognitions, granted by serious and important entities and media, show the importance of each dimension of CCR Group – our highways, our subways and trains, our airports, our initiatives in technology and innovation, our social and environmental actions and, above all, our people.


CCR Group upgraded to AA in MSCI ESG Ratings

One of the most important global organizations for evaluating management and performance in ESG (environment, social and governance), has just upgraded CCR Group's rating from A to AA. MSCl ESG Ratings serve as a benchmark for institutional investors and large investment funds around the world. This rating places CCR Group in first place in Latin America in the Transportation Infrastructure sector.