We act with ethics, integrity, and transparency


Ethics and integrity in conducting our business, transparency, and respect in relations with our audiences – customers, employees, investors, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

We are guided by good governance practices which, in addition to being essential for the prosperity and reputation of CCR Group, help to generate value for society.



Advisory Committees

We believe in the diversity of perspectives as one of the most powerful assets of CCR Group. Our Advisory Committees are made up of specialists from different areas who help us to make decisions and choices in a horizontal and democratic way, adding value to our business.

Members of the People and ESG Committee: Eduardo Gentil (Coordinator); Ana Penido Sant'Anna; Vicente Assis, João Schmidt; Claudio Borin Guedes Palaia.

Governance Model

Evaluation of the functioning of CA-CCR and the adherence of the members appointed to CA-CCR to the Appointment Policy


Remuneration Policy

Leadership Succession Plan

People Processes, alignment with culture and Climate management


Master Plan that includes actions focused on Environmental, Social and Governance issues

Compliance Program

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Created in 2015 and constantly updated and revised, our Compliance Program is one of the fundamental pillars of our business, guiding all our employees, shareholders, managers, partners and third parties, at all levels.

The Program contains several policies and norms - dealing with third-party risk assessment, donations and sponsorships, gifts, interaction with public agents and conflicts of interest - which are essential reading for all those who have a relationship with us.

Codes, Policies and Shareholders' Agreement

Documents that concentrate our values, principles, and guidelines on the most diverse fronts, and which must be respected by all stakeholders that have a relationship with CCR Group.

Confidential Channel

CCR's Confidential Channel is the Compliance Program's main tool for detecting and dealing with risk situations and breaches of our Code of Ethical Conduct. If you wish, your report can be made by calling 0800-721-0759.

CCR works so that the operation of this tool is in line with the best market practices, ensuring that reported situations are treated independently and with zero tolerance for acts of retaliation.

Clear and transparent communication is one of the values ​​of CCR Group. Therefore, we emphasize the following principles of CCR's Confidential Channel:


A third-party company, Aliant, is responsible for safeguarding the anonymity and confidentiality of the reports received. The Executive Board and the Compliance Area do not have access to the names of reporters who choose to remain anonymous.


The verification of reports is treated confidentially. The interviewees are instructed to keep the topics addressed secret and the violation of this confidentiality is subject to disciplinary measures.


The reporter can choose to identify themselves or not. If you choose not to identify yourself, anonymity is guaranteed before, during and after the verification of the report.


Those who seek this Channel in good faith will be welcome and cannot be punished in any way by anyone, regardless of their position. Non-retaliation is guaranteed even in cases finalized as groundless or inconclusive.

Risks and Internal Controls

The Risk area manages and controls the risks to which CCR Group is exposed.

Risk Assessment

Periodically perform the risk assessment of the company, analyzing and categorizing all the risks to which the company is exposed, including those of interest to the Compliance Area


Create controls and make every effort so that CCR Group's accounting records completely and accurately reflect the transactions carried out


Ensure the prompt preparation and reliability of CCR Group's reports and financial statements

Together with Risks area, Internal Controls area exists to ensure the compliance and suitability of the company's processes


Act as responsible for the management of internal controls, including their identification, evaluation, and periodic verification, aiming to provide reasonable assurance that the Group's objectives will be achieved

Technical Council

Exercise a consultative role with the owners of controls, supporting them in defining how to deal with risks inherent in the related processes

Corporate Support

Support, develop and make available methodologies, tools, systems, infrastructure and governance necessary to support the management of internal controls


Ensure, together with the respective managers, the efficiency of operations, the reliability of financial reports and compliance with applicable laws and regulations

Risk Control

Act to minimize the likelihood of occurrence or potential impact of inherent risks related to operations, information disclosure and compliance


Report the results of the analyzes of the internal controls of the processes to the Board of Directors, with prior consideration by the Audit and Compliance Committee

Distance Vote

If the shareholder chooses to exercise their right to vote remotely, it is necessary to fill out the Voting Form and send it to CCR, together with a copy of other documents, listed in the Form itself.

1. Download the AGO Voting Bulletin

2. Print and manually fill out the form

3. Initial all pages of the document and sign it

4. Send the bulletin, as instructed in the document, accompanied by the respective documentation up to 7 days before the date of the meeting, which means, until April 12, 2022.

Documents to shareholders

Access the documents made available by CCR to ensure and maintain ethical and transparent relationships.

Independent Committee 2018

The independent committees are responsible for conducting execution plans to improve the company's governance controls. Thus, the 2018 Independent Committee, formed by specialists in the legal area and in corporate governance, conducted the work with complete independence and freedom.

Luiz Alberto Colonna Rosman - Coordinator

André Béla Janszky - Member

Carlos Mário da Silva Velloso - Member

Wilson Nélio Brumer - Member