Changing people's lives

Activities of CCR Institute

We coordinate projects and programs, with our own resources and via tax incentive laws, on the fronts of health, education, income generation, culture, and sport – always with a focus on promoting social inclusion and following the purpose of helping people to take better care of their own paths.



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Our commitment to society

Through social projects, we promote inclusion and leave a legacy for society

Relationship with the community

Our Security Programs

Employee Health and Safety

We consider health and safety issues in all our actions and decisions, from the simplest to those with a high impact on the company: everyone must ensure and promote a culture of safety in their areas of influence.

Health and Safety Management System

All employees and activities carried out in CCR Group are covered by the System, supported by the Safety and Health Guidelines.

Safety Culture

Initiated in 2021, CCR's Safety Culture is being developed and implemented with the support of DuPont, aimed at preventing accidents at work.

Equity in the workplace

CCR Group has based its actions on the Diversity & Inclusion agenda to build an increasingly inclusive and welcoming work environment for all employee profiles.

The Group and its business platforms carry out permanent actions to increase the presence of women in leadership and operational positions, offering affirmative vacancies, establishing partnerships with educational entities, professional training and CV registration campaigns, as well as establishing internal rules and processes aimed at equal pay and impartial performance evaluation processes.

Currently, women make up 39% of the Group's total workforce. The Board of Directors is represented by two women and chaired by one of them, and by the end of 2023, 43% of management positions were held by women.

In the operational areas, for example, 37% of the train operators on Line 5 - Lilac are women, and the Group has periodically promoted training courses and the hiring of women as service and security agents in its train and metro stations and for the maintenance areas of its assets. At airports, 36% of leadership positions are already held by women. On the Highways Platform, 50% of the general staff is made up of women. 

The CCR Group has a Fixed Remuneration Standard, which determines that all its employees are paid equally without distinction as to gender, age, race or sexual orientation. It also establishes that remuneration is defined on the basis of the functions performed, in line with the values practiced by the market, and that the human resources area must always observe the internal salary balance between employees occupying the same position in the same location when hiring a new professional. The company's performance evaluation processes, in turn, are linked to objective targets, which make it possible to measure the performance of its employees in an unbiased and impartial manner.