Our ESG practices

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We believe that life happens in motion. And it is with this attentive eye that we always seek to be up to date with the materiality of our businesses, defining priorities, connecting our actions and goals.

This is ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), which is reflected in our greatest mission: to take care of those who are on the move on the roads, subways, ferries, and airports managed by the company, guaranteeing quality of life for everyone, including employees from the company.

To this goal, we invest in practices that reinforce our commitment to the environment (through actions that minimize environmental impacts), social issues (local development of communities), and governance (we act ethically and with integrity).

This whole set allows us to take care of infrastructure services so that people can better take care of their own paths.


CCR Group upgraded to AA in MSCI ESG Ratings

One of the most important global organizations for evaluating management and performance in ESG (environment, social and governance), has just upgraded CCR Group's rating from A to AA. MSCl ESG Ratings serve as a benchmark for institutional investors and large investment funds around the world. This rating places CCR Group in first place in Latin America in the Transportation Infrastructure sector.

CCR Supera

A segunda edição do evento “CCR Supera” trata-se de um programa de excelência para reconhecimento a fornecedores que, em maio de 2023, premiou empresas com destaque em práticas de ESG e Inovação. As empresas reconhecidas no programa fazem parte de um ranking e são dos mais diversos segmentos, como Obras, Conservação, Tecnologia e Prestação de Serviços.

Our Pillars

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ESG is a strategic topic for CCR. Learn more about our performance on each front below:

ESG Strategy

We have a clear focus for the future. In the design of our 2025 Ambition, there are clear goals for five dimensions: reputation, ESG, customers, employees, and business.

The proposal is to reach them by increasingly following our purpose: to take care of infrastructure services so that people can better take care of their own paths.

Discover our 7 material themes:

Biodiversity and Land Use


Climate Change




Work Environment


Health and Safety


Service Quality


Community Relations


ESG goals for 2023

Increase photovoltaic capacity by 100% by December 2023 in relation to the installed capacity of CCR’s photovoltaic plants in 2022


78% use of biofuel in the fleet of flex vehicles in 2023


Reuse 20% of the RAP generated in 2023


60% middle and senior leadership positions fi lled by women in 2023


Reduce the risk of 100 strategic suppliers through their qualifi cation in the Governance and Compliance Program


ESG Indicators

Our company advances in ESG, with the objective of leading the debate in the sector, in search of joint and shared evolution. The report data refer to national companies, in the themes of Climate Change, Circular Economy, Community Relations, Work Environment, Health and Safety, Governance and Sustainability.

Integrated Report

CCR Group annually prepares the Integrated Annual Report, adopting the methodology proposed by the International Committee for Integrated Reports (IIRC), and internationally standardized indicators, proposed by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The document reports the generation of value and use of resources in the six types of capital: financial, manufactured, human, intellectual, social and relationship, and natural.

On The Right Track

Certifications obtained by the company

CCR in the fight against climate change

Combating climate change is a material topic for CCR Group and is dealt with strategically, reinforcing consistency and our commitment in the journey of managing greenhouse gas emissions. Our climate adaptation and mitigation plan are aligned with key global initiatives, including:

Action against Global Climate Change

Alignment with the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goal 13

Science Based Targets Initiative

Submission of goals to SBTi

Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures

Risk and opportunity management following TCFD recommendations

Carbon Insight Action

Transparency in reporting environmental impact and emissions to the GHG Protocol and CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project)