We are building new paths together

Key partnerships for quality projects

We invest in relationships with our suppliers, seeking to build bridges to a competitive, robust chain that sustainably and innovatively supports CCR's vision of growth.

Our Programs

Negotiation, Purchasing and Contracting Processes

E-Procurement – ​​Coupa, purchasing tool of CCR, came to digitize, streamline, make the processes for taking prices, negotiations, hiring and formalizing orders more transparent and secure.


The supplier has the right to accept or decline invitations to events directly through the system.

Information History

All document history and information about Supply events are available on the platform.

Coupa Chat

Through Coupa Chat, the supplier can communicate directly with the buyer.

Frequently Asked Questions

The supplier will have no cost, at any time, to use the platform.

Training for Third Parties

CCR Group values ethics, integrity, transparency and sustainability in the partnership relationship with its suppliers. To this end, the Code of Ethical Conduct for Third Parties is the reference of the main guidelines and best practices in relations with any and all individuals and legal entities with whom CCR has a relationship.

To learn more about these guidelines, watch the Training for Third Parties. And if something seems wrong or contrary to the guidelines of the Code of Ethical Conduct for Third Parties, do not hesitate to report it through the Confidential Channel, which you can access on the Contact Us page.


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