About the Group

Infrastructure for mobility

Who We Are

We operate in infrastructure services for human, focused on the segments of highway concessions, urban mobility, and airports.

There are 39 assets, a presence in 13 Brazilian states and more than 17,000 employees. We are responsible for managing and maintaining 3,615 kilometers of highways, handling around 3,600 services daily. In urban mobility, we manage passenger transport services for subways, trains, Light Rail, and ferries, transporting 3 million passengers daily. And in the airport segment, with 20 terminals under our management, we serve more than 40 million customers annually.



people impacted by social projects in 2022



of highways managed in 5 Brazilian states



in Brazil and Latin America



passengers served per day on subways, Light Rail and ferries

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Region of km 60 of the Freeway (BR-290), in Gravataí

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Our Purpose

To improve people’s lives through mobility.

Our Vision

To play a leading role in mobility, with a focus on sustainable value creation.

Our principles


We are unwaveringly committed to integrity.


  • Safety
  • Ethics
  • Unconditional Respect
  • Transparency




...with a highly motivated and integrated team...


  • Collaboration
  • Simplicity
  • Excellence
  • Initiative




...and focus on sustainable value creation, with a positive impact on everyone around us. 


  • Serve society
  • Create value
  • Take care of nature
  • Value Brazil

Positive impact connected to value creation

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Serra de Botucatu Viaduct, on the Castello Branco Highway, km 205

Learn about our programs designed to ensure the sustainability of highway works and reduce damage to the green areas surrounding our roads.

Zero Carbon Program

We are committed to neutralizing the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions generated by the activities on the road system managed by CCR RioSP.

Waste Management Program

To encourage the local circular economy, we are looking for partner institutions, aiming at the reuse and/or recycling of waste generated

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