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Detalhe de uma Fibra Ótica

Detalhe de uma Fibra Ótica

Company 100% controlled by CCR Group, a Multimedia Communication service provider, SCM (Multimedia Communication Service) authorized to provide high capacity data transmission and IP connectivity services.

Present in the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul, it features 100% underground, 100% monitored fiber optics and ring topology. With proactive action, 100% managed network with permanent monitoring.

In addition, it has the latest network technology, offering: DWDM ring network with ROADM, redundant and automated; low latency, as there is no need to regenerate lambdas; DWDM transport backbone with remote (re)configuration of services and ROADM in all nodes; and SDH, OTN and Ethernet aggregation backbone.

Data Samm

Solution that allows your company to interconnect its units through digital circuits to access and transport voice, data and video with total transparency to the data transferred.

IP Corporate Samm

IP connectivity service, which supports TCP/IP applications and provides Internet access, supporting IPv4 and IPv6 address blocks. Offers dedicated internet connection with high traffic capacity, security, and performance.

IP with anti DDoS Samm

Managed Attack Detection and Mitigation service that monitors the Client's connection for attacks related to "Distributed Denial of Service - DDoS" activity.