We contribute to the sustainable development of the regions where we operate

The future we want is for everyone

We believe that our paths must be followed with respect for the environment and society, generating a positive impact in the areas where we are present.

We have several initiatives, in all our units, that contribute to the development of communities under the influence of assets managed by the company, with its employees and other stakeholders. Below, learn about some examples of these actions whose mission is to collaborate with the socio-environmental development of the regions where we operate.

Our Latest Initiatives

Our Sustainability Goals

In our ESG goals, we have two specific “E”-oriented themes that address environmental issues: Climate Change and Biodiversity, and Land Use. On these fronts, we will monitor four indicators, listed below. These actions make up the goals of all the company's executives.

Increase photovoltaic capacity by 100% by December 2023 in relation to the installed capacity of CCR’s photovoltaic plants in 2022

78% use of biofuel in the fleet of flex vehicles in 2023

Reuse 20% of the RAP generated in 2023

Environmental Programs