Favela Marte - 3D

What will a 3D favela look like? Planned, self-sustaining environments created with social programs and services, income generation, access to housing so that everyone has the right to be Dignified, Digital and Developed. The CCR Group, through the CCR Institute, has joined the initiative alongside other major supporting companies. 230 families will have their lives transformed. For the project, CCR Group is contributing technical services, preliminary studies, urban planning, urban infrastructure, environmental sanitation, landscaping and architecture projects, which will be carried out by Boldarini Arquitetos Associados and its multidisciplinary team. As a way of meeting the different needs presented by the residents, some of whom are interested in promoting entrepreneurship, the design of the housing units includes seven different architectural solutions. Accessibility and space for vehicles have also been taken into account. For entrepreneurs who need more space to work, nine commercial spaces will be built. The houses will have solar panels, will be single-storey and can be built horizontally or vertically, with up to four bedrooms. Another factor observed by the project is the employability of the residents, who are being monitored and trained.

Galeria de Fotos