Equivalent Tax Document

Learn how the DFE works

As of 01/01/2018, the CCR Group's highway concessionaires will start to issue electronically the equivalent tax document (DFE), related to the service provided. 


Nothing will change when passing through the toll plazas, since the issuance of complementary data will take place after the service is rendered. In other words, at the time of manual passage, the "Equivalent Fiscal Document" will be delivered, as is already the case today, with a new feature: a unique identification code. 


With this code, the user can access the concessionaire's portal and locate his or her ticket, simply by entering the license plate and CPF/CNPJ, complementing the information in the DFE. 


For electronic tolling, the user must access the portal and enter the vehicle license plate to issue the DFE.


Frequently asked questions:

1) What is DFE? 

DFE, which stands for Fiscal Equivalent Document, will be required by the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service as of January 1, 2018 to support the collection of toll fees.   


2) Is this document equivalent to an Invoice?

Yes, that is why it is called Documento Fiscal Equivalente.  


3) Can I enter my personal data and that of my vehicle in the DFE?

Yes, all complementary data (CPF/CNPJ and vehicle license plate) can be inserted in the portal of each CCR Group toll road concessionaire, links in item 12. 


4) What is the deadline for data inclusion? 

7 days from the ticketing date. 


5) If I enter my CPF in the DFE, will I receive the benefit of the Nota Fiscal Paulista? 

No. The registration of the CPF in the DFE will serve only to identify the customer. In general, toll tickets are not included in this type of program, which is linked to the São Paulo State Treasury Department and is related to ICMS, a state tax. 


6) Is there any benefit program related to DFE?

For this information, it is necessary to consult the competent local agencies. 


7) Can I declare the DFE in the Income Tax?

No. Toll expenses are not deductible for Individual Income Tax (IRPF). Companies that declare their tax under the taxable income regime may use the DFE, subject to the applicable tax rules.  


8) Before the DFE was issued, didn't the CCR Group's concessionaires pay their taxes? 

No. CCR Group concessionaires have always paid their taxes based on the toll revenue collected and controlled even before the DFE was mandatory. Nothing changes for the CCR Group concessionaires' taxes.  


9) According to the consumer defense code, if I don't receive the bill at the moment of purchase, I am not obliged to make the payment. How does it work at the toll plazas? 

The DFE is equivalent to the Invoice, having the same value, and is delivered at the moment of passing by the toll booth. The concessionaires are strictly complying with what was determined by the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service, and the lack of payment of the toll fee characterizes evasion, subject to the penalties set forth in the Brazilian Traffic Code.  


10) How will the DFE be issued for users of the automatic collection lanes?

Users of the automatic collection lanes must also access the concessionaire's website to issue the DFE, links in item 12. 


11) Can the DFE be used to request reimbursement from the companies?

Yes, in the same way the Toll Receipt used to be used. Both documents - DFE and Toll Receipt - contain all the information about the characteristics of the transaction: issuer; CNPJ; date, place and time of issuance, amount paid, and description of the service provided. 


12) Access the concessionary link below to issue the DFE:

CCR ViaLagos:  https://recibodopedagio.com.br/rodoviadoslagos

CCR AutoBAn: https://recibodopedagio.com.br/autoban

CCR RioSP: https://recibodopedagio.com.br/ccrriosp

CCR ViaOeste:  https://recibodopedagio.com.br/viaoeste

CCR RodoAnel:  https://recibodopedagio.com.br/rodoaneloeste

CCR SPVias:  https://recibodopedagio.com.br/spvias

CCR MSVia:  https://recibodopedagio.com.br/msvia

CCR ViaSul: https://recibodopedagio.com.br/viasul/

CCR RioSP: RioSP - Portal do Usuário

CCR ViaCosteira: ViaCosteira - Portal do Usuário