National Observatory for Urban Mobility

Insper's Arq.Futuro Cities Laboratory, one of Brazil's leading higher education and research institutions, and the CCR Group, the country's largest mobility infrastructure company - which operates in airports, highways and urban mobility - have joined forces to create the National Sustainable Mobility Observatory. An unprecedented initiative in Brazil, the center aims to provide society and, above all, decision-makers, with robust data on public transport systems, road safety and logistics in the country's largest cities in order to promote inclusive and sustainable urban mobility.

The Observatory will act as a platform for receiving, processing, storing and analyzing operational mobility data from various sources. Once made public, this information will serve as a basis for more assertive academic research and for the qualification of policies involving the sector. In CCR's view, the data generated by the Observatory will contribute to the analysis of current metropolitan mobility models, international case studies and their future development, with a view to ensuring increasingly inclusive, sustainable and safe transportation.

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